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Met CEO – Gifty’s Daughters.

Welcome to another beautiful week. I want to Introduce to you a major player in the Makeup and Beauty industry in Nigeria, Mrs Funke Tonye-Preghafi. A graduate of Accountancy.Internationally Trained Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist. We have been friends for a long time over the phone before we finally saw ourselves @ BM Pro Ikeja Studio Launch (very pleasant experience) Funke is very versatile and passionate about makeup and beauty things,
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Meet CEO Sit Pretty Inc.

I truly love and admire you for being such an inspiration and blessing to me.‘Kunbi is a Professional makeup artist, she owns SIT PRETTY INC based in Lagos.

Guess what connected us? MAKEUP .Yes we are both incurable makeup addicts.(lolz) and constantly sharing our findings with each other.

I chatted with her and she reveals what inspired her to become a makeup artist and how she finds the journey so far .Enjoy.