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Bariats Brush Set – Review

Bariats Brush Set – Review

Hello Beauties,

It’s been a beautiful month, everything peaceful and dandy, save for the “assurance” that is causing a rancor among relationships, thank God it’s all settling down now 🙂

I have been asked several times  by makeup artists  and end users to recommend a  brush set that is both affordable and durable .The truth is there are a lot of Nigerian owned Brush set brands in the market that I have been really spoilt for choice .

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Eyebrow Stamp Review

Hey beauties,

I am gradually getting back into the groove, the somewhat long hiatus has made it increasingly difficult to pencil something down but hey, I am a fighter 🙂 . There’s really so much to say with so little time.

Moving on though, Ok so  I have discovered a lot of new beauty products thorough the best thing that happened to modern age –