Things no one told me about owning a makeup studio.

Things no one told me about owning a makeup studio.

Hello beauties, How are we all doing? Time is really doing some fast forward stunts on us this year, we are already in the second quarter and gaining seriously on another. Well, it doesn’t really matter though as long as we are on the right track and doing better than how we were doing before.

The life of a perceived “layabout Makeup artist”

The life of a perceived “layabout Makeup artist”

Hey beauties, I was tagged in a post on Instagram and I swore I wasn’t going to get involved but then I realized that keeping quiet is the reason why we are battling with this perception problem. A lot of makeup artists are perceived as layabouts, loafers, no-do-goods, runs girls and the list just  goes



Hey beauties, Told you I am back for good 🙂 and you know how excited I get when we approach the Christmas season. If you stick around you just might win some amazing free gifts in days to come 😉 . So,last week was a very exciting one for me and a lot of makeup

Classic makeup products review

Classic makeup products review

Hi there beautiful people, I am a homegrown girl , I get extra excited when people are doing stuff that looks remotely indigenous even if not entirely so. How did this happen? well dollar happened and I have been doing extra research on made in Nigeria or let me rephrase – made for Nigerians.Made for

Why Bridal Artists charge so high.

Why Bridal Artists charge so high.

Hiya Beautiful People, I am a bit upset and I will tell you why in a bit, so before I get all sappy let me quickly reach out to all my people in the eastern space – Enugu to be precise. The Enugu Makeup Fair 2 (EMUF2) will be live this weekend so if you

The Before, the After and Photoshop.

I was on my phone minding my business when I came across this crazy meme , it got me cracking , I laughed until my tummy hurt. Makeup artists in Nigeria have become even better at artistry than the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci. Hey , but the reality on ground is we need to watch

2014 Makeup Favourites.

I am grateful 2014 is finally coming to an end today.I want to thank all my clients who have become my friends, blog readers , followers and everyone who have supported me this past year ,may God guide and guard us all through out 2015. I  have had a very eventful year and i am

Season Greetings.

Hello Everyone, Compliments of the season,i wish you a splendid holiday.May God bless you and your family this season! Warmest thoughts and best wishes. Till my next post, Hugs and Kisses. Misidreads.

Self Esteem.

Hiya people , Have you had your salt water bath today ?? No ?? How about bitter Kola?? 🙂 , the week has been one with so many discoveries and postulations on the cure of Ebola . I would just like to say this before some people kill themselves , I read somewhere people were

Dubai Beauty Vacation.

Hey Glam people. I am back , it is almost impossible for me to tell you guys how much i missed you all. Where have i been ??  –  i have been on a much needed vacation with some other amazing makeup artist. I am extremely thankful  to Omolola of Pops concepts for putting it

As I add another year.

Howdy People, I am grateful for another year ,its my birthday and i give all the glory to God for the gift of life and good health.I owe God everything that i am today and I know beyond any doubt that i  am a testimony of not despising the days of little beginning . All

Is Makeup a sin?

Hey beautiful people, I am busy enjoying this new month, its been great so far and i am pretty sure it will be greater in days to come , praise the Lord somebody …… ah ha !!! , that exactly where i need your train of thought to be, somewhere in the realm of religion.

THISDAY Style Feature…

Hey Guys, It is finally happening, the makeup industry has come of age , makeup artists are finally been acknowledged as professionals . I believe all the hard work and sweat we put into it over the years is finally paying off. I am elated to share with you snippets of my ThisDay Style interview(23rd

Valentine Special.

Hey Beautiful People, The red season is here and over, I trust you all had a swell valentine weekend. I am still making some adjustment on my blog and I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all the positive comments I have received love you guys as always I had what we could

Effect of Acquiring Vocational Skill.

Hi there beautiful people, I want to quickly reach out to all my Muslim friends, here’s wishing you a Happy Eid –el- Fitri celebration. Lately, I have had a lot of concerned parents asking me if I can engage their daughters by teaching them how to tie gele (head tie), makeup application etc.  I learnt

This time Last Year. I was busy getting MARRIED!!!

I have heard the phrase “how time flies when you are having fun” so many times  and it’s all coming to me on what the phrase actually stands for , I can’t believe I have been married for a whole year ,it feels just like yesterday. I remember vividly all the excitement, the preparations ,

Dreadlock Journey.

Sometimes in September 2010 I took a a decision that I can vividly remember my mum screaming at me on top of her voice when she saw me. The decision was  a simple one, I decided to opt for dreadlocks popularly know as ‘dada’ or ‘rastsafarai’ as I have been severally refered to. It now

Social Networks Caution.

 Cynthia Osokogu left her Nasarawa base on July 22, 2012 with the sole aim of improving her boutique business. Months before this trip she had met with two undergraduates on the popular social network Facebook, unfortunately the fate of this unsuspecting 24 year old postgraduate student had already been decided by her presumed Facebook buddies.

My Special Day.

Every little girl has a dream of her perfect fairy tale wedding, a perfect scenario when prince charming comes out of the blues to sweep her off her feet. My dream did come true when on the 4.8.12  I finally tied the nuptial ties with my friend , confidant , partner , manager , my