Random Spotlight

Meet CEO Sit Pretty Inc.

I truly love and admire you for being such an inspiration and blessing to me.‘Kunbi is a Professional makeup artist, she owns SIT PRETTY INC based in Lagos.

Guess what connected us? MAKEUP .Yes we are both incurable makeup addicts.(lolz) and constantly sharing our findings with each other.

I chatted with her and she reveals what inspired her to become a makeup artist and how she finds the journey so far .Enjoy.

Look of the day

Bridal Feature – Iyawo Ejiro

Hey Lovelies, Today is one of those days I am proud of what I do (Makeup Artistry).The joy I felt when I finished my clients face almost brought me to tears.Let me share my experience with you. Ejiro (my bride) walked into our makeup studio (N’sure Beauty) to make enquirers about booking a date for her bridal makeup and hair services .I attended to her pleasantly making sure she was comfortable,
Beauty Business Reflection

Evolving …

Hello beautiful people, I have been unavoidably silent due to some reasons beyond my control.
What kept me away from blogging? it’s my very crazy and busy schedule plus I went on “acquiring knowledge” rampage, upgrading my skill.(Makeup Artistry)

A lot of ideas have popped up in my head and some I have tried out and pleased with my findings while am yet to try out some others.


Hey Everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Oluwayemisi Dada. I Graduated from Lagos State University with a degree in Economics. I ventured into self employment immediately after NYSC, I chose Makeup Artistry. I attended Lagos Business School to sharpen my entrepreneurial skill.