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Turban Love – How to tie Turban

Hey beautiful ,

I am totally deviating today, well not totally though as I would still be talking about something that is beauty related, I figured you might not want to see another review 🙂 . So here’s the thing, there’s something new in town, well not entirely new, let me rephrase, there is something back in town and it’s called turban.

I have gotten so addicted to turbans that there is hardly a color I don’t have them in . I started using  turban to hide my hair which was in need of a trim, incidentally, I did a bit of research and found out that turbans were used by sheiks to cover the hair in order to maintain the hair and promote equality, pretty tidy right 😉

I also took the liberty of making a quick video for those that do not now how to tie them  .Be a darling and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE

How to tie Turban

Turban Love

Turban Love

Turban Love

Turban Love


Turban Love

How to tie turban in less than a minute

I got mine for N1000 , if you need one you can contact me via email or whatsapp.

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