Austa Lip Solution (JASI)


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And we are back !!!!  The holidays are over and it’s back to life and back to reality . I trust you are facing the realities of 2016 headlong , we are not going to leave room for sloppiness , we set a goal or target , we need to hit the bulls eye spot on.

To kick off the year I thought we should do a quick review on Austa Lip solution which coincidentally was given to me on the first day of the year, I have tried it and I am loving it .They come in six different shades EBEANO, JASI, MKPOSIBA, YARIKANMA, YAWWA, OSE.

To get one please call 08030751262 or follow on Facebook and Instagram – Austasconcepts

Enjoy pictures and video below ……..


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  • Austa’s Concepts & Designs.

    This is so COOL. We are loving it!!! God Bless You.

    • misidreads

      Keep up the great work.Thank you.

  • Dailydose

    Yay!!! been a long time coming. Happy u ve a YT Channel.

    • misidreads

      Hahahahaha Thanks darling oya go and sub scribe.Muah