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Christmas Give Away …


Hey Guys ,

I am grateful and thankful to God almighty, it has indeed been an eventful year with it’s highs and lows . I also want to take time out to appreciate everyone who has taken out time to visit , comment and even email me , trust me when I say to you that you are indeed very special and 2015 would have been almost impossible without you.

I wish you all a pleasant holiday , may the joy of the season continue in all facets of your life. All right , before I get all preachy and the heavens  begin to open up , in the spirit of the season . I am giving away some makeup goodies.

Here’s how to win :

Tell us what Christmas means to you in simple terms , entry should be written in the comment box below . The first , tenth and fifteenth persons to comment will receive the gifts.

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Till my Next post ,

Hugs and Kisses.




  • Christmas to me is a time Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  • vohpwa williams

    Christmas to me means the season of expressing love to everyone in a special way.

  • Wuraola Goldwth

    Christmas is all about love and giving..However its not complete without Christ because he is actually the reason for the season. Celebrating the birth of christ Jesus, and also a season to show love to our friends, neighbours, the less privileged and even our enemies. Also giving thanks to God for his wonderful deeds in our lives. Merry christmas and a prosperous new year to you sisiyemi, Much love

  • uche

    Its a time I let go of all the pain and bitterness and embrace love and forgiveness. Its a time of cleansing and freeing oneself to love others.

  • Nkem Okoye

    Christmas means a season of sharing love and a season of celebrating the birth of Jesus

  • Ayo

    Christmas is a very significant part of the year.It signifies giving,giving wholeheartedly…share love and gifts this xmas period.

  • Temmy

    Christmas is the season of showing love and sharing..its a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus..

  • Christmas to me means FAMILY

  • Stephanie Edwin

    Christmas to me is season of Love

  • Doris okoye

    A season to celebrate the King

  • Victoria Bradford

    Well Xmas is about celebrating the birth of our lord Jesus Christ and also it’s the season of giving to loved one’s, less privilege & well wishers.

  • Chikodili Okoye

    Christmas is a time to put every struggles, pain and anger on pause and just celebrate christ.. it is a time of celebration for all christains in diaspora and a time you give to the less privileged ones

  • anjola

    Christmas means everything to me, it’s a time to remember the One who made that big sacrifice for us, a time of love and giving,i sure cherish the moments of christmas!

  • Jela’s Beauty

    Christmas is a wordly celebration… not originating from those who served Christ but pegan worshippers and should not be clebrated by Christians.

  • Abimbola

    Christmas is a time for bonding with my entire family.Also, It isnt just a time to mark the birth of Christ but a time to appreciate the essence of his birth!

  • anjola

    Christmas means everything to me, it’s a time to remember the One who made that big sacrifice for us, a time of love and giving,i sure cherish the moments of christmas!

  • Rita

    Christmas is a day that falls on December 25th where we are to celebrate the birth of Christ with love amongst all

  • Christmas is a time for love, giving, spending time with our families and friends and also being one with Jesus as we celebrate his birth.

  • jolamakeovers

    To me Christmas is a season of sharing, renewed hope nd joy. Merry Christmas in advance everyone

  • Richard

    Christmas is a time of Sharing love among everyone because Christ is love.

  • Mercy

    Christmas means when your friends and family members both nuclear and extended gather around and celebrate the birth of Christ

  • Amara

    christmas to me symbolizes the generosity and good that we need show to others because God gave us His very special Son to die for us

  • Tolu

    Christmas is all about giving sharing loving and being kind to everyone.

  • cerheedarpearl

    Christmas to me is not only a season to eat and drink, but its a season to reflect on the death of Jesus Christ, he laid his life for mankind to be free today, its a season to ponder on how to live a righteous life, how to touch souls positively and to celebrate with not just our loved ones but also those who ain’t privileged to be in a party mood.As a Muslim I celebrate with my christian friends to foster love BTW us.Merry Xmas…

  • Jaytee

    Christmas is all about Christ. Christ is love, joy, peace, giving, sharing, putting smile on other peoples faces. Giving the needy and spreading joy everywhere