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Emerging Gele Styles


Nigerians are exceptional people , we pick up on trends and follow through to the letter , we take the liberty to add some spice and boom – everyone one is doing it .Does the Azonto dance fit into this case study? – yes , does the word bae fit into this case study ? – yes ; need I go on? .

Another of such trends which is thankfully ours is gele tieing.Head-wrap called gele is usually tied by the Yoruba woman but not anymore.Every tribe , well almost every tribe now tie gele to occasions and very typical of Nigerians- have added their own spice.

Gele has a way of accentuating a woman’s look and making her look regal.There are various styles, it all boils down to preference. .Another trend is a few makeup artists have started showcasing Avarde Garde gele style .Some of these makeup artists are Mr Segun Gele, Ojulewa , Tayo of slush makeover, Funmi of Abeke Makeovers to mention a few…

I put together some pictures to help drive in my point 😉

Do you remember madam Kofo and her creative geles



Abeke Makeovers

Ojulewa Makeovers

Slush Makeover

Opeke – This lady sells beautiful alredy ready to tie geles

BM Pro



I Tied the last 2 pictures myself.

Would you try another sytle of Gele to an event ? Kindly drop your comments below
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  • tess

    No. There is beauty in simplicity. I wont go for the new ones.

    • misidreads

      Hahahaha ok Tess. Thanks for stopping by.muah

  • Aijay

    As much as I admire the Other gele styles, I still love me some normal gele. Call me old school but that’s my preference.

    • misidreads

      I totally understand. You did rather stick to what you know looks good.*thumbsup*

  • Aishat

    hmmmmm. they dont look comfortable to me #willrockmyoldgelestyleanyday

    • misidreads

      Hahahaha , Ok Aisha. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anonymous

    Really love all the gele,some are funny looking while some are very elegant,so for one reason or the other #lovethemall

    • misidreads

      Thanks alot.

  • ID

    I’m dem tied of the old style,these new trend are very much welcome.

    • misidreads

      Refreshing i must say.

  • ngozi

    I love these new but you can’t tie them on your own head..i love your blog.

    • misidreads

      Thank you I have done a tutorial on how to tie some.