Product Review – Benefit Eyeliner

My beautiful people,

Ok, so its been quite some time that  I  reviewed a product . Someone asked me if I suddenly lost all my shopping mojo and even threatened to strip me of my self acclaimed makeup addict award 🙂  . Trust me, that  acclamation means a lot to me in body and in spirit , so my friend here’s your review, please let me be 🙂

I have Benefit Eye liner up for review today , I was blown away by the packaging and how sophisticated it looks.










Here’s my Verdict :

It looks like  a gel liner that comes out through a nozzle.

It has a slanted tip.

It dries within seconds if not covered.

You will need a bit of practice to apply this product perfectly.

It doesn’t come off easily once its dry.

The product very black and very pigmented.

When it dries, it becomes clumpy and flakes.

The best way to use this product  is to dispense a little at the back of your hands and dip the rubber liner in and apply

You will need  an oil based makeup remover to take it off.

Till my next post,

Hugs and kisses.