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Bridal Feature – Iyawo Mopelola


Hey guys,
And we are back!!!!  Apologizes for the site being down for a  few days, must have been those internet demons at work.Thanks Arete consulting for fixing it promptly.

Today we hitting it down the bridal lane with Mopelola Bankole now Mrs Mopelola Jatto.

I met Mope at a friend’s introduction and I was fascinated by her personality – She is very down to earth and a true believer of Allah. We spoke and  hit it off nicely, 2 years down the line and she was calling me to make her special day even more special . I  was saddled with the responsibility of making her beautiful on her traditional and wedding day respectively.

She is also one of the strongest and women I know.

Pictures courtesy  Godwin Oisi Photography



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Till my next post.
Hugs and Kisses.

  • Tolu

    I can’t agree with you more, she’s one of the strongest personalities I know, God fearing, very down to earth and sweet, a true friend in time of need……..she inspires me.

  • Mope

    Thanx Yemisi, you are honestly one of the best make up artists I know, I don’t just love your work, I love your patience and humility, I would choose you over and over again.

  • Rare

    Amopelola! stunning, inside and out, and that statement of being down to earth is true I can attest to that. A strong and hardworking woman who places God as number one in her life. You looked stunning my darling friend, Thank you Yemisi for transforming my friend

  • Chanel

    Mo is one of the easiest people to relate with that I have met. Humble and intelligent for someone her age. She’s lovable , kind and generous.
    Femi is truly blessed with her.

  • Grace

    You only said a little. That girl is a super woman. A friend i am ever so grateful to God that i met. Tolu said she inspires her,i say she amazes me…
    Yemisi, i loved your make up and your patience, that combination comes rare in your industry. Keep it up, it will land you above the sky.

  • Moji

    Yay!!! Mopelola, my wonderful sister. One of the most selfless people I know. May Almighty Allah continue to bless your union. Love you forever xx

  • olaide

    Sooooo pretty…can’t stop staring at my ever gorgeous cousin…..dudu osun…love u endlessly

  • olaide

    Lovely pictures….one of d very humble cousin have got….love you endlessly

  • Suwaibah

    Great Post Yemisi and thank you for making an already beautiful woman into a queen for her special day…

    oh and me too…you do well!!!lol…

  • Hassan

    I’ve not met you in person but for my better half Tolu and Mope to say that much about you, I believe you are truly a good person and I also Admit you are very good at your Job. Mope’s make up was flawless. Keep it up

  • toyin

    Mopsy baby sweetie darling, fine girl.

  • lucy

    Mobanks ever true friend,God bless your kind heart,Yemisi thanks for a good job,i will be on your grill soon.#wink#

  • Emeka