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Nemaste beautiful people,

If you are wondering what “nemaste” means well it is an ancient greeting in india which means “the spirit in me greets the spirit in you”. 🙂 fear not , i am simply operating on a slightly higher spiritual realm – we will journey together subsequently , stay tuned.

The past weekend has been a crazy wet one for me and i am elated July is just around the corner , allow me to quickly wish all my Muslim friends a happy Ramadan. I pray also that my dear country will experience peace now and in the future( Amen).

OK let me shoot back to what i know how to do best 😉  –  the latest lip trend now is matte lipstick. Don’t you just hate it when your hair gets stuck on you lips??? and those funny white lines around the corners of your lips???  but with the  matte lipstick this doesn’t happen.

I got my Sephora Collection cream lip stain from my friend Yewande who knows am a sucker for matte lippies , I ordered it from her and I must confess I am so impressed by the brand, unlike some other matte lipsticks that crack and are not buildable.

The lips stain is a long wear and last for more than 8 hours, it doesn’t dry out your lips nor crack your lips. It is a liquid lipstick, it dries to a matte finish within 3 minutes, it is moisturizing and  very pigmented , non sticky, doesn’t smudge and while other brands keeps drying out, this has rose water.

For best effect , it is adviseable to exfoliate your lips(brush your lips with soft tooth brush) and use a little lip balm before applying it.

The lipsticks when applied is soft and creamy but dries to a matte finish within a few seconds, Its buildable as well and you can add as many layers as you want .

My Verdict- I honestly will repurchase over and over again. Aside from my Nouba Millibaci this is another lipstick brand i would gladly recommend. worth every penny. You can get it from Yewande . Her number is 07066256017 BB pin 292af235








Have you used any matte lipstick , please share with me.

Hugs and Kisses,


  • Zainab

    God bless you dearie, i have searched for a good matte lipstick to no avail, the ones i have cracks and tears my lips.thanks for sharing i will give her a call right away.

    • misidreads

      Thanks Zainab for stopping by.

  • Sfbeautymakeover

    Nice one,am stocking dis right away for my makeup haul buyers

    • misidreads

      Please do, Thanks for stopping by.

  • rhedruby

    Bn hearing alot abt sephora…bt I dnt knw whr to get…once I do wd review as u help wd info on how to get.thnk you

    • misidreads

      Hey Ruby, You can get it from Yewande . Her number is 07066256017 BB pin 292af235. thanks for stopping by.

  • Gbemi

    I love the lipstick because of it’s pigmentation and staying power but I hate the fact that it dries too fast so you have to be really fast in applying it else it becomes difficult to blend.

    • misidreads

      I totally agree with you on that.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Maketopiaofficiel

    I heart Shopping from Sephora. It’s such a shame they ain’t in Nigeria yet.

    • misidreads

      Same here.

  • Ememobong

    Matte lipsticks are cool but I think I still prefer the effect from my normal lipstick.

    • misidreads

      Awwwh Great