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Steps on Highlight and Contour.


Hey Beauties,

Highlighting and contouring the facial feature is a technique used to enhance some facial feature.Although I personally believe that this technique is not an everyday application , i have seen a lot of ladies make the mistake of highlighting and contouring everyday.

See simple step by step photo below:



1.Highlight the bridge of the nose, forehead, under eyes and Chin with 2 shades lighter foundation.

2.Contour the corners of the Nose, Hairline,Cheeks and Jawline with a shade darker foundation.


3.Blend with a beauty blender to give an even tone


4. Apply powder shade according to how you have highlighted and contoured(lighter and darker shade of powder)



I hope this helps, if you need further clarification kindly let me know.

Till my next post,



  • Ugo Ukam

    God Bless you Dear miss dreads……it’s the blending that gives me stress, Sometimes i blend the light foundation into the dark side………..is there a particular technique to it??

    • misidreads

      Hey Sweet, So sorry i replied late. Yes there is a quick technique, you will get a better finish when you use a Beauty blender to blend the foundations.

      • Ugo Ukam

        hmm, Thanks Ma’am.

  • Maduka Joy

    You spoke my mind. Some people can like to this everyday *side eye*. It was helpful and u look beau! Hope to meet u one day ma.

    Razzle_dazzle: http://www.dazzfairy.blogspot.com ( showcasing talented fashion-inclined CEOs and more makeup/fashion tricks n styles)

    • misidreads

      Thanks Joy for stopping by.

  • Yemisi Ariori

    Nice!! I like the fact that you stressed that contouring and highlighting are not everyday techniques.. Again.. Great blog!


    • misidreads

      Thanks Name sake.

  • efoyi

    Plz hw do I blend well without making d lighter foundation look so obvious,do u jus apply ur powder on it,sorry I jus nid 2 get it straight

    • misidreads

      Yes you can.

  • bukky

    thanks for d help Yemisi ! plz can I use normal common marykay foundatn for d contour and highlight.

  • bukky

    OK dear thanks u are d best ! buh I notice d marykay foundation gt dry easily dat if i don’t blend instantly it wount b able to blend easily bcoz of d dryness. so I blend immediately I apply . is dat OK or not .

    • misidreads

      Hello Bukky, its ok to do that.

  • gloria

    Thanx maam! Realy nice and helpful post.

    • misidreads

      You are welcome Gloria.

  • Julesberry

    Thanks Yemisi. This really helps. God Bless u always

    • misidreads

      Thanks Jules for stopping by.

  • hanny ahmed

    please where can i locate u

    • misidreads

      I am based in Lagos.

  • Lisa

    Hi Yemisi please what products are best for oily skin? Also to achieve a flawless transition are foundations better than concealers? pls respond thanks

    • misidreads

      hi Lisa, For oily skin stick with oil free,face cream, foundation and powder.Also for a flawless finish, if you have a great skin use just foundation and concealer when you have to cover spots and black patches.

  • deborah

    For dark nd oily skin what type of concealer nd powder can we go 4

    • misidreads

      hello Deborah, you can use MAC concealer and powder.

  • Fatima

    Hy Yemisi. Pls what is the name of your nose highliter. Pls tell a concealer that hide spots and dark patches. tnks

  • aeilsa

    i iove you! so many helpful tips on ur blog! 🙂 hope..wait no…AM going to meet you one day …

  • Aeilsa

    funny ive neva commented on ur blog despite reading n learnin SO MUCH from you…thanks..ur rily helping some of us out there..more oil-free foundation to ur elbow 😀

  • sheynka

    Hi,this is my first time here and I must say that u are really really good.. please can I use a lighter shade of foundation as a highlighter?

    • misidreads

      Hello Sheynka. A shade or Two shade lighter is fine. Thanks for stopping by.