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Dreadlocks Journey.

Hello everyone,it’s been a while since my last post . I have been called by a few to find out if i am okay, fortunately i am alive and well.Thanks all for the concern , love you always.
Something else i am loving now is my dreadlocks as it has gotten fuller and healthier . Growing my dreads has saved me a lot of money if you know what I mean. I am free from having to use hair from half way around the world , from the Brazillian to the Peruvian and many others that I am sure we ladies do not know their location on the world atlas; I have nothing against them (lol) , before I loose my head.

Anyway,  thanks to my ever reliable  dreadlocks stylist Eman, I am very happy with my hair .






I hope you like

Till my next post.lots of love.

Misidreads …
  • Anonymous

    Hi Misykona, nice blog you have. Keep it up. Please can you kindly provide contact details of your loc stylist as I am also in need of one. Thanks.

  • Can I have Eman’s number and address plssss. Thanks

  • Hi ladies, Emans contact 08028633396 or 08105928207.

    • Campbell

      Hi, I was wondering if the number to the stylist who made your hair is still the same? Would appreciate a reply. Happy new year!

      • misidreads

        Happy New Year to you.Yes same number .

  • Anonymous

    Hi Yemisi darl, does ur loctician use wax on ur hair?… Just curious

  • Anonymous

    Hi, does Eman do just dread locks?

  • Jade

    Hi, what happens when you do not want dreads anymore? Do you have to cut it?

    • misidreads

      Hello Jade,Yes i will.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Ruky Obi

    Hi…Pls can I get Eman’s current numbers? The numbers above are not connecting.Keep up the good job.

    • misidreads

      Emman 08028633396.Thanks

  • jam

    Hi Misykona,

    Kindly put me through the whole process, if you can.

    My hair is long, naturally. I’ve not relaxed for a year now so I have a good amount of natural growth. What do I do to lock? Im ready.

  • Cutie

    Hello. . .I would love to wear natural dreads.My hair is long naturally.And I’ve not applied relaxer for some months now.Can I just go ahead and loc or do I need to wait for a while b4 I can?. . .Please do enlighten me.Luvly dreads by d way.

    • misidreads

      Thanks Cutie,You need to have enough undergrowth so you can have it easy when you transition .So i will advise you to wait a bit.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Cutie

    Hello. . .I would love to wear natural dreads.I have long hair naturally and I’ve not applied relaxer for some months now.Can I just go ahead and loc or do I need to wait for some time?.Pls,do enlighten me.Thanks.Luvly dreads by d way.

  • Cutie

    Ok,thanks. . . .Please,what happens when i get tired of d locs?.Will i have to cut my hair to remove d locs?

    • misidreads

      Hello Cutie, You can either cut it or loosen the locs.

  • cutie

    Are u still loving ur locs?…..How long have u been carrying it nw?.M sooo itching to try it myself.

    • misidreads

      Yes i am still loving my dreads, I have had it for over 4 years.I would encourage you to give it a try .Please let me know if you eventually did.Muah

  • hannah

    Please, does he do artificial dread?

    • misidreads

      Hi Hannah, Yes he does.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Ebere


    Lovely dreads, by the way!

    Does Emman crochet dreads?

    • misidreads

      Yes he does and thanks alot.

  • rahmat

    Hi, I would have really loved Emma to do mine but I am a Muslim and I cover. Can you please recommend a female who does a great job?

    • misidreads

      Yes i can, Blessing 08033424831 thanks for stopping by *kisses*

  • jerry bullion

    hello well i need a dread i have a lovely hair not too short also not too long, i am a male hope i can get mine done

    • misidreads

      Hello Jerry,Yes you can .

  • dunni

    hi pls i just relaxed my hair and i just wana carry dreadlocks 4 a year.pls how long do i av 2 wait b4 i can loc my hair or is it possible 4 me 2 get it done soon?thanks

  • Anonymous

    Hi pls do
    you have a female loctician contact

    • misidreads

      Yes ma , Blessing 08033424831.