Meet CEO of Flawless Touch .

Hello Everyone, i would like to introduce another MUA doing great in the Nigerian Makeup Industry. Love Olaleye is the CEO of Flawless Touch and all i can say is ” i love LOVE”. Please Read on… Can we meet you? My name is Love Olaleye. I am the 2nd child from a family of 4 children,

Nicki Minaj Inspired Look

Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a splendid week indeed. My (god daughter) Abiola and I are at it again. She happened to have a blonde hair on and I decided to try a Nicki Minaj and Goth look on her. Enjoy pictures below. Nicki Minaj Before Bibi Minaj Add caption Effects (lol) Bibi

Basic Skin Care .

Hey everyone, It’s a great new week and although you might hate Mondays, for me it gives a sense of hope and expectation. Today, i wrote on how i take care of my skin, and like the adage goes – if you have great skin then you get great makeup, it is ever so pertinent

Mitch’s Makeover.

Hey Everyone, the new year has kick started in full gear and to start off the year on personal makeup tutorial, i did a quick one on my friend Mitch who happens to be a beautiful and very clean light skinned lady, but i call her my Nigeria Oyinbo(Nigerian white woman).She is very homely and

Bridal Feature- Iyawo Wonu.

Happy New Year!!! I trust you had a wonderful celebration. Last year’s booking ended with Tokunbo (Toks) and this year started off with her amiable and fantastic sister Omowonuola. ’Wonu  is a cool and calm bride whom  I also had a lovely time working on as with her lovely sister Tokunbo. I had the second