Venus Facial Cream .

Hello Everyone, i recently stumbled upon a product that worked wonders on my face and thought it would be beneficial for me to share with everyone.The Venus Light moisture face cream works wonders on your face without bleaching you, leaving your face rejuvenated and moisturized, formulated for the the African face and tropical weather. it is a product i recommend.

Venus Face Cream


What it looks like




The effect on my face…        
My Verdict:
The product is such a good  buy,it mosturizes and leaves the skin extremely soft and silky.It is  extremely light and you can use in the moring and night .It prevents sunburn while leaving the skin radiant, it replenishes and restores because of the pure sea extract.
Note: I have not received any remuneration of any kind for this post, i have tried the product and find it satisfactory.
Till my next post,
Much Love ,

  • Is it for all skin types? Whre can I get 1 n hw much. Tnks dear.

    • Hey J,it is for all skin type but its also got a toning facial cream.You can pick up at Casabella Store for less than N2500.Thanks.

  • I feel pleasure to read the content that you are posting.topical numbing cream over counter

  • Thank You Sir David.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Misy, can a dark lady use it witout it bleachin her? Mary

    • Hello ,yes you can and it wont alter you skin complexion at all.

  • Anonymous

    Pls do u knw anytin I can mix wit my body cream to bring out my colour cos am dark in complexion and I want my skin to be glowing,shinin n radiant. Mary Ade. Thks

    • Hello,you can apply Shea butter or coconut oil on your skin to give you the shining , radiant glow you desire .

  • Great review! Upon reading your review, it seems like a great product to try out. I think I am going to try this out for I am curious on how it will work on my skin.

    • Thanks E, i hope it works for you as well.

  • Anonymous

    I got mine today,everything with the facial scrub,I hope it works for me,cos its working for my sister.

  • Anonymous

    How well will it work for a slightly fair person?cos I just the gentle toning face cream.Beatrice

    • Hi, It does work well and wont darken you .

  • There is lot of articles on the web about this. But I like yours more, although i found one that’s more descriptive.keep on posting

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  • Anonymous

    Pls, can someone dat has high oil content on d face use it?

    • Hi, sure you can , the product is not oil based at all.

  • monica

    can i use it all over my body?

    • misidreads

      Thanks alot Sena.

    • misidreads

      Hello Monica,No you cant, its a Face cream with SPF to protect your face from Sunburn.

  • dazzle

    I love d toning face cream…. but I can’t get in Benin. I don’t y d cream is so scarce.

    • misidreads

      Awwwh, so sorry about that Dazzle.

  • Vic3

    I’m vry dark,wch of d products wl u advice i use. Tanx

    • misidreads

      Hey Vic, the Blue one.

  • aroy

    hey, i had a fair complexion before.. don’t really know how i got dark n i wanna get a fair skin once again especially my face. what venus cream do you recommend? please reply

    • misidreads

      Hello Aroy, you can use The Venus Perfect Tone Skin Care range. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Bola

        Is the Venus Perfect Tone still being manufactured? Just asking because its really difficult to find nowadays.

        • misidreads

          Yes it is, you can check out casabella store.

  • Queen UK

    Pls is the Venus products very good because i want to give it a try

    • misidreads

      Hello Queen, It worked for me , you can give it a try.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anonymous

    I nid a ceam dat will maintain my fair complexion dat wont bleach me

  • Lady G

    Pls im dark in complexion, but nt to dark, wat kind of Venus can i use dat will make my skin shining, soft nd clear all d pimples in my face nd make it look very smoth nd make my palms very soft to

    • misidreads

      Hello Gift, The Venus cream wont clear all your pimples nut it will make your skin supple and fresh.i suggest you get a good cleanser to for your pimples.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jenny

    Pls where is casabellars store?

    • misidreads

      Hello Chinenye, ShopRite Ikeja or the one at palms Lekki.

  • adetoun

    my face is light n my body is black. wat venus product can I use dat wil mak my complexion be d xame. am a dark skin gal

    • misidreads

      You can try the Facial Cream.

  • grace

    how much is d cost

  • Fatima

    Pls where can i get the venus tonin lotion in abuja. cause its so difficult, last time i checked in shoprite it was there but nw its nowhere to be found

    • misidreads

      I will ask and get back to you dearie.

  • Lubs

    I’m in ghana where can I get it from

    • misidreads

      Hello Lubs, You can check Shoprite store over there.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Evans

    Hi, my face is fair.. not so fair just slightly fair. would this Venus light moisture work for me without making my face get dark… and please how much does it cost

  • Evans

    Hi, my face is fair.. not so fair just slightly fair. would this Venus light moisture work for me without making my face get dark/fairer cause my face is very soft and I don’t want to get fairer.. and please how much does it cost …. Thanks

    • misidreads

      You can by the one for sensitive skin, it wont make you lighter and its should retail for less than 2500 .Thanks for stopping by.

  • jerry

    can i use venus moisturising cream on my face

  • Oyindamola

    Good morning Madam,

    Please where can I get the Venus Facial cream , I have been unable to get the cream since late last year.

    • misidreads

      Hi Oyinda,

      I got mine from Shoprite Ikeja , you can check there.

  • rukky

    Pls where can I get this venus it’s really giving me tough time to find pls help me so my skin doesn’t go bad

  • Cha

    Hi,can I use Venus skin toning cream the one in pink and white package’ am chocolate in completion thanks..

    • misidreads

      Yes you can.

  • Akinrimisi Ronke

    pls,, where can get venus skin lightning lotion in Abuja n Akure??

    • misidreads

      No sure but you can try shop right in ABuja.

  • don

    Where can I get mine. I stay at abado ijaye lagos…?

    • misidreads

      You can check Ikeja shopping mail. Shoprite . Thanks for stopping by.

  • Temmy

    Can I use Venus skin care moisturising lotion for my body and face am chocolate in completion

    • misidreads

      Yes ma , you can .The one in a blue container tho.Thanks for stopping by.

  • Josy Brown

    Pls am dark In complexion nd people has been complaining dat my face is too dark. I want to know d kind of Venus cream dat will lightens my skin especially my face thanks.

  • pat choice

    hi am fair in complex pls which of the venus cream will i use