Top 13 Eyebrow Pencils i use…

Hey people, i hope you had a wonderful Sallah Holiday .
During the long holiday a friend of mine sent me a mail asking me to do a post on how i define my eyebrows, but before i do that i decided to share some of my favorite eyebrow pencil that helps me to achieve my desired result.Enjoy !!!
Eyebrow Pencils
MAC Stud  and Spike Eyebrow pencil
Davis NO.018(Brown) and NO.003(Dark Brown)


RIMMEL LONDON 011 Sable Brown.
JORDANA 06 Dark Brown




PRESTIGE Eyebrow Pencil MEP-06 Agate


TARA Eyebrown Pencil Brown


EverSheen Pencil 602


Example of a penciled brow.

More Eyebrow Pencil i use are ;
Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette and Soft Black

Maybelline Define a Brow Pencil Dark Brown

I mix both cheap and expensive eyebrow pencils as they work well for me. I love to work with various shades of brown as they match hair that grows on the eyebrow and also work well for most of my client skin tone (i shade darker or lighter depending on the result i want).

Texture of these Eyebrow pencils are soft so they needs to be sharped often to get a pointed tip to achieve precision.

You can mention the name of your favorite eyebrow pencil below in the comment box.

Till my next post,
Much love
  • Busola Ajibogun

    Hi,I am presently in love with MUA eyebrow pencil in brown. It cost only a pound here in london. Love your blog!

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Thanks Busola for sharing, and thanks for your love *hugs*

  • My favorite is Davis. It just works. Followed by Airwoman. Cheap brands that work.

    • Yes dear, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the original,fake is sold everywhere(they come out looking like crayon).

  • some cheap brands like davis pencil can do great magic. Nice one Yemisi.

    • Mama Ibeji,i agree with you totally.thanks

  • bouqui

    please what kind of eyebrow pencil do I use as a beginner to get a perfect eyebrown

    • misidreads

      I would recommend MAC eyebrow pencil.It gives a very dry and non greasy finish.

  • bouqui

    and not too expensive too

  • kus

    Pls where can I get marykay soft black eye pencil in Nigeria. .